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• 7/26/2018


Does anyone know what kind of Sword Retribution was... I know what it is made of but I am wondering if there was ever a mention of the type of sword that it was styled after?
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• 1/4/2018

The Wolf v Durzo

Hi All, just finished the series. Great read. One thing that bugged me at the end of Beyond the Shadows during the reveal-party in the last 50 pages was understanding Ezra/Wolf's motivations. He was instrumental in saving Midcryu by adding the extra juice to Curoch and dispelling/destroying the Strangers and seems to be generally seemed to be on the right side of the good v evil scale. That said, Durzo dedicated 700 years and numerous deaths to keeping powerful artifacts away from Ezra's wood knowing that the Wolf was collecting them.

1. Any thoughts on what Ezra wanted to do if he were able to collect the ka'karis, Curoch, and Iures? Any reason to think he had nefarious intentions? Seemed like just a big magic nerd in his historical descriptions.
2. Was Durzo just afraid of consolidating too much power in one place or did he have specific reasons to mistrust the Wolf?
3. Is this intentionally left open and vague to leave room for more books in the same Universe?
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• 12/8/2017

The Night Angel Order

What do we know about the order of the Night Angels, I've been re-reading again the 3 books (second rn almost third one) and we barely know nothing about the order itself. Durzo said that it was an old order even before he joined it. So unless they explain a bit more of that order on the precuel book wich I didn't know actually existed until I saw it here a few days ago, can anyone tell me something more?
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• 5/8/2017

Approved plot

Honestly through the whole series I was on the edge of my seat praying that I didnt read the forsaken cheesy line from durzo or mama k that kylar was the son of durzo. Lucky I never read those lines exept when the yellow eyed wolf made a joke in the twlight chapeters; book beyond the shadows. Leaving me to seriously wonder who kylars father was...
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• 4/22/2017

Unpopular Opinion: Vi Sovari > Elene

Elene is /the/ perfect girl when it comes to heart, but I honestly think Vi will be Kylar’s ideal mate in the end. Despite how much Kylar loves Elene, they just don’t go well together. This is exemplified multiple times throughout the series, especially book two. They just don’t fit together. Vi on the other hand, while admittedly less “perfect” than Elene, she fits Kylar like a glove. She has everything he could want in a partner & more.
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• 12/20/2016

Hello lads.

Just got Discussions enabled here. Feel free to look around :)
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