The black dragon guild is one of the many gangs in the slums of Cenaria city. It was Although not all of it's members were developed as characters it housed some of the most important characters including Azoth (Kylar Stern), doll girl (Elene Cromwyll), Jarl and Rat(Roth Ursuul).

Formation Edit

The origins of the Black Dragon Guild is unknown however it is possible that Ja'laliel formed the group.

In the novel Edit

In the beginning of the trilogy the guild is a major part of the story as Azoth's close enemies and allies at the time are all in the gang. As with Warren's juvenile gangs it's main purpose is to prove an income and housing for it's members. It is initially lead by Ja'laliel but due to some form of illness he dies and the position of leader is taken by Rat. At this point the quality of life within the guild declines even further to the point that Azoth forms a rebellion however after he leaves the guild seemingly disappears.