Origin: Unknown

Created by: Unknown

Powers: It bestows upon the owner Immortality, Invisibility, extreme magical power, rapid healing, and the ability to devour magic, wood, stone, basically anything, hence the pseudonym The Devourer, and can also be molded into almost any shape the wielder requires.

Owners: The Black Kakari was created centuries or even millenia before the time of Jorsin Alkestes and Ezra the Mad. Ezra subsequently modeled the six colored Ka’kari on the black, but the new Ka’kari were defective. This is because Ezra didn't fully understand how the Black Ka’kari worked or even how it was created. Possibly many people have utilized the Black. Before Acaelus Thorne (Durzo Blint), the Black Ka’kari was held by Jorsin Alkestes. Once you are accepted by the ka'kari, you are inducted into the order known as The Night Angels, which are the guardians of the night and the spirits of retribution. The wielder after Acaelus is our beloved hero Kylar Stern, who is also known as Kage, Azoth, and Kyle Blackson.

Representation: Jorsin Alkestes spoke as if the seven ka'kari represented Angels. He said "six angels of light, and one to stand guard in the darkness." It is believed that the angels are supposed to be the Seven Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Razael, and the Angel of Death: Azrael. Azrael is the represented by the black ka'kari, as he is the Angel of the Night and the Angel of Death, and also being the strongest, wisest, and the most caring of the Archangels.