Cenaria was a kingdom in western Midcyru. Its capital was Cenaria City, which was most well-known for its powerful Sa'kagé underworld.

By the time of Kylar Stern's apprenticeship to Durzo Blint, Cenaria had little to no political or military power, being considered by its neighbours to be corrupt and weak. Eastern Cenaria had been occupied by the Lae'knaught Order for a long time. Cenarians who showed Talent can either apprentice as wetboys to become skilled killers for hire or apply to a mage's school in another country.

The country was ruled by King Aleine Gunder IX until a coup was staged by the Godking of Khalidor, Garoth Ursuul, during which King Gunder IX was killed. Prior to his death, Gunder had named Duke Logan Gyre his heir and married Gyre to his daughter Jenine Gunder. However, when Gyre appeared to have died in the coup, Terah Graesin assumed control of the remnants of Cenaria, and became Queen, shortly after Logan Gyre was rescued from the Maw where he had been trapped for months. Following the Cenarian victory over the Godking's forces, Kylar Stern assassinated Queen Graesin, and Gyre became King.


Aided by Talented assassins called wetboys, the Cenarian Sa'kagé controlled all of the city's illicit trades (smuggling, prostitution, extortion, etc.) and played a notable role in the kingdom's political life, wielding more power than the king himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

Most of the trilogy's storyline takes place in this country.