Ceur'caelestos, or Blade of Heaven, is the greatest sword of Ceuran legend; according to the Ceuran law, the bearer of the Blade of Heaven is King of Ceura,.

The sword is made of pure mistarille. There is a dragon on each side of the blade with a gap at the mouth, from which fire is produced whenever danger or magic is near; only the true master of the sword may banish or summon these flames. On the hilt there is a mark of two crossed warhammers, the symbol of Oren Razin. The pommel bears a large and pure red ruby, known as the "dragon's heart," which is the focus and container of the fire magic weaves which create the flames on the blade.

It first appears when Feir is running from Lantano Garuwashi and he has to confront him with Curoch. Curoch takes on the appearance of this blade, which Lantano Garuwashi takes from Feir. Kylar then steals the blade and throws it into Ezra's Wood. Feir enters the Wood to retrieve it, and receives instructions on how to recreate Ceur'caelestos, as well as a pack containing the hilt for the blade. He then travels to Black Barrow and forges a perfect replica of the sword, which he gives to Garuwashi. However, the replica does not breathe fire like the original, as Feir cannot find a ruby to bind the necessary magic into. Immediately before the inspection of the sword by the Ceuran Regent, Solon brings the dragon's heart ruby to Garuwashi from the treasures of Seth, completing the sword. Feir realizes that Ceur'caelestos never existed until he forged it; in fact, the blade was only a myth until the moment that Feir inserted the dragon's heart into the pommel.