The dark hunter is a being that resides in Ezra's wood. It fights continuously with Ezra. Ezra tells Kylar that it is his 'hubris'. In the beginning of Beyond the Shadows, Kylar leads a group of 5000 Lae'knaught into the woods and uses the hunter to kill them all. Ezra uses the Dark Hunter to protect the artifacts of power that Kylar and Durzo threw into the woods. It imprints a mark on the items which allows it to track them for miles. The only thing able to conceal them is the Black Ka'kari. The dark hunter is a near invincible killing machine. In the last part it is drawn to Black Barrow by Curoch. It seems to be incredibly fast. As soon as it touches the sword the hordes of Krull, Demons, bone lords and the titan all die and are replaced by red flowers and a lush green land. It then retreats to the woods and has not been seen since