Dorian Ursuul was one of the few people who were trained as both a mage and a meister. He had the gift of prophecy, but damages his gift before the siege at Screaming Winds, least it fall into the hands of Khali. He expected it to take years for his power to return, though it healed much faster than he expected. After just a few months, his power was completely restored. He was the son of Godking Garoth Ursuul. After the Godking's death, he took his place as Godking Wanhope, so that Southron magi will not know of his reign.[1]

Although he tried to change the ways of Khalidor, he ultimately gave in to many temptations. Wanhope meant despair. Wanhoop is a Dutch word meaning despair and hope is the literal translation of the Dutch word hoop. Although he lost his title and appeared to go insane after wielding Curoch and Iures in order to stop the krul army by calling the Dark Hunter. Prior to his heroics, Dorian transferred the embryo of Kylar Stern and Elene Cromwyll's child into the womb of his wife Jenine Gunder, here by fulfilling his vision that Jenine would give birth to twins. During Elene's funeral, Vi realized this truth and caught the eye of Dorian who simply smiled back at her.[1]

In the years following the events at Black Barrow, Dorian was taken care of by his fellow magi Feir Cousat, who moved to Torras Bend to set up a forge and start a family.[1]

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It has been theorised that Dorian did not go insane after wielding both Iures and Curoch but for the good of the kingdom allowed people to believe that he did.


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