Feir Cousat was friends with Dorian and Solon. While he was the weakest magically out of the three he also possessed much finer control than both Dorian or Solon. He was also a Maker and a Blademaster of the second Echelon.[1] After Kylar threw Curoch into Ezra's Woods, he went in to retrieve it. When he woke up, he couldn't remember what happened to him, but during his time in the Wood he received instructions to forge a new sword which turned out to be the Ceurans' sacred blade Ceur'caelestus. Feir was the first known man to have left Ezra's Wood alive.[2]

Feir participated in the battle at Black Barrow, which saw the defeat of the Khalidoran forces, and the rise of Logan Gyre as High King of Midcyru. In order to defeat the krul that the Khalidorans had raised, the Talented members of the Cenarian forces, led by Dorian Ursuul, summoned the Dark Hunter who killed all the krul. Dorian's actions left him insane following the battle.[2]

In the years following the events at Black Barrow, Feir took care of Dorian, and he moved to Torras Bend to set up a forge and start a family as he had always wanted.[2]


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