A Ferali is a fearsome and terrible creature created from the bodies and souls of tortured prisoners and controlled with diamonds thrust into its spine. A Ferali has the ability to absorb living creatures into its body and use the bones and tissue to become larger and more powerful. It is covered in mouths that will trap and consume a victim alive after even the slightest contact. A ferali is not bound to one shape but can change to any shape it pleases as to use the bones more effectively. When a ferali is created then the creator must host a Stranger. They are fearsome in battle as most magic is simply deflected and any wound heals instantly. A ferali can be "ridden" or possessed by a powerful user of Vir and used against his enemies. If a ferali does not consume others, it will consume itself, and eventually die. Two people absorbed into ferali in the trilogy are Tatts and Lily, both prisoners form the deepest level of the Maw, the Hole. Their Ferali was used in the battle of Pavvils Grove. Although the ferali is impervious to most magic, a powerful spell of a complicated weave is capable of destroying the negatory magic they seem to posses. An example of this is when Dorian, a magi skilled with complicated weaves, was able to destroyed a ferali with one spell that took only several seconds to create. It is also susceptible to the powers of the black ka'kari which if used to attack the ferali will negate its ability to heal itself.