The Iures, also known as the Staff of Law, was a magical staff created by Jorsin Alkestes and Ezra.


Iures was a magical artifact created by Jorsin Alkestes and Ezra the day before Jorsin's demise, and it was the companion to Curoch. It gave the wielder the power to make and undo extremely complicated weaves with ease. It also had the power to record any weaves created near it and it remembered those weaves forever. Like Curoch, the wielder could also change Iures' appearance and shape at will. Durzo Blint and Kylar both used Iures disguised as the sword Retribution. Following Logan Gyre's ascension to King of Cenaria, the Vürdmeister Neph Dada stole Iures from Kylar before the wetboy entered the Chantry and used it to destroy Jorsin's weaves preventing the krul in Black Barrow from rising again. Fortunately, Kylar discovered that Retribution was missing from where he left it, and went into the Chantry to try to locate it, believing the head speaker to have stolen it. However, when the Speaker was proven innocent, he ran into the White Seraph herself, who finally revealed to Kylar Stern that Retribution was, in fact, the Staff of Law. Kylar then went to Black Barrow to recover Retribution.[1]

During the battle at Black Barrow, Kylar and Durzo entered the main hall to discover Neph Dada was using Iures to give the Khalidoran goddes Khali a body by transferring her spirit to the body of Kylar's wife, Elene Cromwyll. Dada was killed by the two wetboys, who once again claimed Iures, however, the Vürdmeister had succeeded in giving Khali a body, and Kylar was forced to kill his own wife in order to destroy Khali.[1]

Immediately following Khali's death, the Talented members of the Cenarian forces in the battle gathered to attempt to destroy the many krul the Khalidorans had raised, and the gifted mage Dorian wielded both Iures and Curoch in order to call the Dark Hunter to eliminate the krul.[1]


Magical EaseEdit

Iures made it easier for the one holding it to look at, construct, and disassemble magical weaves.[2]

Magical RecordingEdit

Iures not only made weaves easier to construct and disassemble, it also remembered any weaves created or destroyed near it.


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