Jorsin Alkestes was the first High King of Midcyru (later styled Emperor) seven hundred years ago. He ruled over seven different countries and kings at the height of his power.

One of the most powerful and Talented mages ever born, he was responsible for the creation of powerful magical objects such as Curoch and Iures. His most well-known companions were Acaelus Thorne, Prince of Trayethell and Ezra the Mad . He was given the seven ka'kari by Ezra (who aided him with the creation of Curoch and Iures). Jorsin gave the six artificial ones to his Six Champions of Light; the seventh, the black, he gave to his best friend, Acaelus, who later became Durzo Blint.

His status of High King was challenged with his Betrayal, and the fall of the Champions. Rygel the Blue, Einarus Silvereyes, and Itarra Lachess rebelled against him; he defeated them and took their lands, causing him to become an Emperor. During that time, Roygaris Ursuul, father and first of the Godkings of Khalidor, summoned an immense krul army against Jorsin. Roygaris transformed himself into the Reaver to combat Jorsin, consuming himself in magic and hatred of the High King. However, Ezra lured the Reaver into what would later be known as Ezra's Wood, foiling Roygaris' personal offensive. Jorsin single-handedly defeated and sealed Roygaris' army, consisting of millions of krul and even a large number of Titans, wielding Curoch. He later sealed them in Black Barrow , using a weave so powerful and complex that none were able to undo it without Iures.

He died after this, though the circumstances of his death are not known. Though it is believed the amount of power needed to wield both curoch and iures simultaneously may have been the culprit.