Khali was originally thought to be a very powerful Stranger, but is in fact merely an 'ally' of The Strangers, and not actually a Stranger. She is said to have destroyed Godking Roygaris after he created the Titan, and then she became the Khaildoran Goddess. Khali gave the Khalidorans the Vir to bind them to her and make them destroyers. When Khali was re-incarnated it is said that when she raised the sealed army of Krul, the Titan and 'several others similar' also returned.


Worshiped by the people of Khalidor. Dorian believed that she was a fallen angel who roamed the earth. It turns out that Khali is Trace, the bearer of the white ka'kari; however, the relation between Khali and the Strangers isn't totally clear. Dorian said that Khali was just an ally of the strangers. Trace may have allied herself with one of the Strangers when Durzo used the black ka'kari's magic to kill her. Khali uses the power of the Ka'kari's compulsion powers to control Khalidor and others.

White ka'kariEdit

Originally given to Trace Arvagulania. Once bonded, the white ka'kari gives the user the power of glamour. Glamour being defined as a weave to give the bearer an illusion to others. Trace, reputed to be horribly ugly, became the most beautiful woman ever seen. Apparently, the white ka'kari was given to Trace, not for her looks but for her beauty on the inside. Using the power given to her by the ka'kari, she became the Khalidorian goddess Khali. It was destroyed by Kylar using Curoch in his battle with Trace.

The VirEdit

The Vir binds the Khalidorans to Khali. It is more powerful than conventional magic as it is every user's magic combined to use by a few at one time.

Her PrayerEdit

The Khalidorans have a prayer that sends their magic to Khali (although they do not know this). The prayer is, "Khali vas, Khalivos ras en me, Khali mevirtu rapt, recu virtum defite." This means "Khali come. Khali live in me. Khali take this my offering, the strength of those who oppose you."