Krul are a generalized name for various undead creatures discovered by the original Godking, Roygaris Ursuul. Krul are fashioned from the bones of the dead and regular ones may be fashioned into millions of different shapes, all of them horrifying and no two alike.

Above regular Krul are Daemons, white, thin, and agile Krul which allow a meister to control more than thirteen individual Krul, known as a squad. In levels of power, above Daemons there are Bone Lords, which can use a dark representation of talent, or something like it, and allow for more than 13 squads, or 1 Platoon. 13 Platoons creates a Legion, which requires an even stronger being known as a Fiend. Thirteen legions creates an army, which requires an Arcanghul, one of which almost broke Godking Wanhopes' will before the battle at Black Barrow. Necessary for the creation of more than 13 Arcanghuls is a Nightlord, one of which was used by Godking Roygaris to conquer what remained of the Freeze. Legend says that above the Thirteen night lords, Roygaris found the "goddess" Khali, who killed him and became the deity of the Khalidorans, giving them the Vir. Other Krul of importance are the Titan, a being encased underneath Black Barrow, who was as tall as thirteen men and swept his spiked pole of a cudgel across both Khalidorian, Krul, and the future High King's armies with an almost nonchalant ease. He was wounded by Kylar Stern and then finished off by the notorious legend, Durzo Blint. When he was released, a swarm of 169 special Krul with red carapaces came with him, who were lithe and agile enough to swarm away from his swinging pole. Known as Buulgari by the Godking and other Vürdmeisters, Kylar Stern likened them to fire ants for their vicious attacks, speed, and red exoskeletons.

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