Hailed as one of the best warriors in Midcyru, it seemed fate played a cruel joke on Lantano Garuwashi. Born of peasant blood and known only as an "iron sword" due to his birth, he is unable to move up the ranks in Ceura, who base their rank upon the status of birth. He comes upon Feir, who has Curoch disguised as Ceur'caelestos, who is pretending to be a messenger of the gods. Lantano challenges Feir and during the exchange, Lantano's iron sword breaks and Curoch leaves Feir to reside upon the hilt of his old blade. Lantano and his men take this as a sign that he is the prophesied king of Ceura. Kylar later attempts to take the blade by a duel with Lantano, but after failing, tricks Lantano and throws the blade into Ezra's Woods. Feir ventures into the Woods to obtain the sword, but instead returns with the sword's hilt only (he was given instructions, supposedly by the Dark Hunter, upon how to make a false Ceur'calestos). Feir returns to Lantano just before the battle of Black Barrow with the newly forged Ceur'caelestos. However, due to a lack of a ruby to produce the fire necessary to make Ceur'caelestos legitimate, all seems lost and the sword will fail inspection by the Regent of Ceura. Solon appears just before the Regent inspects the blade with a ruby allowing it to bond with Ceur'caelestos and passing the test by the Regent, making Lantano the new King of Ceura.