Natassa was sister to Luc and Terah Graesin, as an ambassador of the Cenarian resistance she was betrayed by her elder sister Terah, causing her to be captured and imprisoned by the Godking, raped by Gorhky whilst in the dungeon, she was later tossed into "The Hole," and encountered Logan Gyre. Though Logan protected her as long as he could even going so far as to force the other Holers to work together to escape, Logan eventually fell deathly ill and was unable to protect her, though Logan had given her a knife, the other Holers surrounded her in an attempt to gang rape her after the escape failed, Logan tried to convince Gnasher to abandon him to save her, but Gnasher ignored his pleas, Natassa was left helpless, apologizing to Logan; she jumped deeper into the hole in an act of suicide. Logan later found her corpse at the very bottom of the Hole, with most of her bones broken, Logan thought to himself that she looked peaceful in death.