Roygaris Ursuul was the first Godking of Khalidor who rose to power during the reign of Emperor Jorsin Alkestes.


A skilled Healer and contemporary of Emperor Jorsin Alkestes and the Mage Ezra, Roygaris Ursuul allied himself with the Strangers to gain control over the vir and become Khalidor's first Godking. He raised the largest army of undead krul ever created. This army was later defeated by Jorsin Alkestes but not before Roygaris Ursuul transformed his body with magic. It was said by Durzo Blint that Roygaris turned himself into a monstrous killing machine named the Reaver. The Reaver was said to be faster than thought. Blint was the first and possibly only one to wound it; the pockmarks on his face were proof of this as they were caused by the Reaver's acidic blood. It was believed that the Reaver was the infamous dark hunter, because it was led into Ezra's woods by Ezra himself and never heard from since.