The Warrens is where Kylar Stern (Azoth at the time), Elene Cromwyll (doll girl), Jarl, and Roth Ursuul (Rat) came from. It is mostly homeless children that belong to guilds. It is a very poor subdivision that is across the Plith River from Cenaria. The Warrens are run by guilds, which have separated themselves between the bigs and the littles. The guilds are constantly fighting each other for territory. The warrens have very little streets, but is mostly alley ways. The alleys have large amounts of feces on the ground due to lack of bathrooms. Children often go in to the sewers to sleep so they can keep warm. At nights merchants go to the streets to sell their products, prostitutes also lurk on the streets at night; many of which are children. The environment in the warrens is horrific, mostly because every one is looking out for there own survival.